We compiled a list of conference call services that are comparable to Conferoo. It wasn't hard. No other conference call service is free AND as easy to use as Conferoo.

If you have any questions about our list please drop us an email or use live chat when available.

Service   whypay       conferoo    
Service Fee and monthly fee £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
Cost per minute via bundled minutes
(from a UK landline / mobile)
60.8p / 67.5p FREE FREE
Cost per min
(from a UK landline / mobile)
60.8p / 67.5p 14p / 58p 14p / 58p
Free calls over an 03 number? 0843 03 03
FREE call recording?
Get a PIN with just an email address and no sign-up requirement?

For 0843 numbers we have included a typical phone company's access charge at a rate of 55p (landline/mobile) per minute and the service charge by, which at the time of checking were 5.8p (landline) and 12.5p (mobile).
For 03 numbers there are no access charges or service charges, as calls are FREE using your networks bundled/inclusive minutes. The costs shown in column three are the costs to call the 03 number when your networks bundled minutes have run out, or if you are on a PAYG mobile.

All costs exclude VAT.