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I’m not getting emails from Conferoo!

If you are missing emails from Conferoo, please check your email account's Spam or Junk folder to ensure the message was not filtered. If the message was filtered, you may find an option to 'Mark as good' or 'Add sender to white-list.' This will aid in receiving future emails from Conferoo.

Try these additional steps as needed:

1. Check your Spam/Junk email folder. Sometimes, certain email clients do not recognize email from Conferoo.co.uk. If you find Conferoo messages in your Spam or Junk folder, add support@conferoo.co.uk to your email contacts, or Safe senders list.

This will allow your mail client to recognise Conferoo emails and deliver them to your Inbox.

Here are examples of the "From" field from our email notification:

From: "Conferoo Support" support@conferoo.co.uk
From: "Conferoo Support Team" <support@conferoo.co.uk>

2. Firewall, Content Filter, or Email Security Policy: Check if your firewall or virus scan is blocking the email notifications. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or IT department and ask that emails from the domain conferoo.co.uk is added to the email whitelist (safe sender) to ensure that Conferoo messages are not blocked.

3. If you are using Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or Outlook, please follow the additional steps below:


Yahoo! Mail

  1. Login to your Yahoo! Mail account.
  2. In your Spam folder, click the Conferoo email to select it.
  3. Then click Not Spam, which is above the list of emails.
  4. If you continue seeing these emails in your Spam folder and want them in a Non-Spam folder, you can set up a filter and send them to any folder you wish.



  1. Login to your Gmail account.
  2. Click Contacts.
  3. Click the New Contact button in the top-left corner of the Contact Manager.
  4. Enter support@conferoo.co.uk in the email field.
  5. Click the Add button to save.
  6. Alternatively, you can mark a message from conferoo.co.uk as 'Not Spam,' your Contacts list is automatically updated so that future messages from us are received in your inbox.



  1. Login to your Microsoft Outlook (used to be Hotmail) account.
  2. Go to Options > More options > Junk e-mail > Safe and blocked senders > Safe senders.
  3. Add @conferoo.co.uk to the field labelled: Sender or domain to mark as safe on your Safe senders’ page and then click the Add to list >> button.
  4. Messages from safe senders and domains will not be sent to the junk e-mail folder.


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